An often overlooked aspect of proper skin care is the pH of our skin care products. In fact, the skin’s pH level is so important to its normal functioning that even products formulated to repair or revitalize skin could be less effective in serving their intended function if the skin’s pH is not in balance.

Our skin serves a barrier function and operates optimally at a slightly acidic pH level.  Our skin has a thin layer on its surface referred to as the acid mantle. This is comprised of free fatty acids (sebum) secreted from the sebaceous glands, which mixes with lactic and amino acids which are secreted from sweat.

The acid mantle is very important, and irregularities in the acid mantle can lead to acne, infection, wrinkles and a host of other skin issues. There are many external and internal factors that can lead to disruptions in the acid mantle, including: environment, stress, toxins, pollutants, exposure and diet. Such disruptions can be mitigated by a balanced diet and the use of pH balanced skin care products.


Did you know? The pH scale is Logarithmic. So, a product with a pH of 8 is ten times more alkaline than that of a pH 7, and a product with a pH of 5 is 10 times more acidic than a pH of 4.

Choosing the right cleanser for your skin is vital to its overall health. Most soaps and cleansers are too alkaline for the skin, which leads to dryness and irritability. This strips away the essential oils that our skin needs to function properly and exposes us to vulnerabilities that lead to acne and irritation.  Skin that is too alkaline is prone to acne because a certain level of acidity is needed to fight off bacteria. Fulom’s Face and Body Cleanser is not only pH balanced, but Fulvic Acid is anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory.

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Products that are too acidic, such as salicylic acid, alpha hydroxyl acid and retinoic acid can be too acidic and cause dryness and irritation. Although these products are marketed to prevent acne, the effect they have on your skin barrier causes additional problems as they strip away the essential oils and leave your skin vulnerable.


Anti-oxidants such as vitamin A, C and E play a vital role in the maintenance of the acid mantle. Endogenous (internal) and exogenous (external) factors lead to the creation of free radicals which cause havoc on our cells. Anti-oxidants step in to prevent the chain reaction that arises as a result of these reactions. Fulvic Acid is nature’s most potent free radical scavenger and has the ability to play both sides of the coin-either donating or receiving electrons-to promote homeostasis (balance) at the cellular level.

Fulom’s Face and Body Cleanser used in conjunction with Fulom’s Moisturizing Cream helps prevent acne while retaining moisture and essential oils. Fulvic Acid is also nature’s perfect carrier, transporting water and minerals to the surrounding cells.

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