The secret to the best skin care products (that you’ve never heard of!) lies in the soil.


Fulvic Acid is the broad term given to one component of humic acids, which are the decomposed remains of plant matter over millennia under intense pressure. It is estimated that there are anywhere from 10-50000 types of organisms in every gram of soil. These little critters play a vital role in that they eat and spit out the organic matter as well as the surrounding nutrients and minerals. The result is a complex substance rich with the ingredients necessary to sustain life. If you’ve ever used compost on your flower beds, then you are familiar with humus.

For plants and humans alike, Fulvic Acid is unique in that it plays an active role in shaping the surrounding environment, helping cells absorb nutrients and chelate heavy metals (detoxify). With a low molecular weight  it permeates cell walls and transports nutrients.  Its complex chemical structure gives it the ability to both donate and receive electrons, making it nature’s ultimate antioxidant.

Some have called it the “miracle molecule” but we don’t like that term. At Fulom, we prefer to keep it real simple. Fulvic Acid is more like a jack-of-all-trades that can transport 60 or more unique minerals and trace elements directly to our cells. Nature had to find some mechanism that was capable of transmuting ANY of the minerals and elements found in any geographic location into bioavailable form so that plants could grow. Fulvic Acid serves this niche, and the number of health applications it potentially has is enormous.

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When you consider the fact that our bodies are essentially energy factories and food is our fuel, you can begin to understand the importance of a molecule that was evolutionarily designed to provide that fuel.

There are an infinite number of variables that can affect the environment in which a plant grows, but there has to be something to provide that common denominator necessary for organic life to thrive. That great equalizer is microorganisms and their output are Humic and Fulvic Acids.

It is no accident that when we look for life on mars, we look at the dirt. Dirt holds the key to life.

A Wonderful Journey Has Begun


Over the past decade, Dr. Doyle has been giving out his Hydrating Lotion and Moisturizing Cream to people he encounters through his extensive travels and documenting the stories that make their way back to him. Science is only just beginning to understand and explore the relationship between the bacteria in our gut and health issues, so it is an exciting time for us as the first company to utilize Fulvic Acid in skin care products. There is so much concerning the inner workings of our bodies that has yet to be discovered. We honestly believe the mechanisms that make Fulom so effective for such a broad range of problems are similar to the studies now underway exploring the role bacteria in the gut play on our health.

As a very small, new company we choose to stay away from claims; we know that Fulom is among the best skin care products available and it works extraordinarily well. Fulom started as an altruistic endeavor and we intend on keeping it that way, so if you or anyone you know might benefit from the many benefits that Fulom has to offer, please don’t hesitate to let us know! We hope you join us on this journey of discovery, growth and a more healthy future!

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John Trew

Brand Manager, Fulom