Fulvic acid may be a relative newcomer on the Western skincare market, but Fulom Skincare is already gaining some big buzz from beauty bloggers. All over the web, writers and experts are talking about the benefits of Fulom’s organic fulvic acid and the ease, affordability and fantastic effects of the range of cleansers and moisturizers. Magazines, news outlets and skincare aficionados alike are excited about all Fulom has to offer.

Check out the good news and try Fulom’s full range to see the effects of fulvic acid for yourself.

Nylon Magazine

Nylon Magazine featured fulvic acid and Fulom Skincare on their list of “The 8 Things About To Take Over Beauty” in 2015, right up there with ancient oils and African superfruit extracts. Eastern homeopathic medicine had the scoop first, but Nylon was fast on its tail to tout the skin benefits of the organic acid.

“Though fulvic acid has roots in Eastern homeopathic medicine, Western scientists have recently explored the ingredient’s role in treating acne, eczema and psoriasis, in addition to its possible anti-aging properties. Check out the Fulom skincare line for a range of cleansers and moisturizers ($22-$30) that pack a high concentration of the stuff.”

Thoughts of Beauty

Kim Snyder of the Thoughts of Beauty blog showed some serious love for Fulom’s Hydrating lotion.

“The whole product line would be great for someone with really dry skin! I use the body lotion on my hands all the time.”

“The moisturizer I really like! Light, airy with a soft scent. Really nice, in fact. It is really a light, creamy moisturizer. My skin loves it.”


FutureDerm’s Nicki Zevola Benvenuti reviews a lot of skincare, so it means that much more for a product like Fulom’s Moisturizing Cream to rise to the top of the crop and gain high praise from the skincare guru.

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“Fulom Moisturizing Cream ($22.00, Fulomskincare.com) is a sensation, with a high concentration of fulvic acid, a delivery system with skin-penetrating enhancers, and enough hydrators to keep your skin soft through these harsh winter months.”

“Fulom Moisturizing Cream is a sensational way to get to try a new ingredient, fulvic acid. For under $25, this easily spreadable cream is an exceptional value as well. I’m enthusiastic to be introducing it to my readers!”


Marco + Bash

Marco + Bash, formerly known as Wolf + Moroko, had more great things to say about the power of fulvic acid and the other ingredients in Fulom’s Moisturizing cream.

“The light [Fulom Moisturizing Cream] effectively hydrates your skin, delivering great antioxidants like fulvic acid, vitamin E and moisturizing castor oil, which is 90 percent ricinoleic acid. Ricinoleic acid transforms to azelaic acid in the skin. Azelaic acid is an organic compound used in the treatment of mild acne.”

“[The Fulom Moisturizing Cream] is a great quality, fragrance free cream that is suitable for all skin types.”

My Brown Sparklez

Simple to use, simple to love. Sakeenah Aleem of My Brown Sparklez likes the simplicity and versatility of Fulom’s whole line.

“It’s simple to use! With only three steps and at times only two steps, this is a low maintenance skin care system. Even better that it’s unisex. Share this system with your mate; it can translate to great skin for you both! Fulom is a great value.”

Debb Report

Writer Mary Hood for the New York beauty, hair and fashion site the Debb Report gets down and dirty with the humble origins of fulvic acid. Not to be deterred by a little dirt, Hood likes that Fulom is down to Earth and innovative.

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“It’s nice to find skincare that’s down to Earth – literally. Fulom, an innovative line of simple skincare products, boasts a high concentration of organic fulvic acid, a compound produced by decomposed organic matter. That’s right. Fulvic acid is obtained from dirt.”

“The Moisturizing Cream is especially effective for those with active lifestyles and those who encounter sun exposure. Fulom’s line is reasonably priced, providing a great opportunity to try an up and coming active beauty ingredient.”


The Daily Mail UK

The Daily Mail UK included fulvic acid as one of the “ingredients set to transform your beauty routine,” saying it’s set for cult status.

“Fulvic acid doesn’t have the most glamourous of origins – it comes from decomposed organic matter in soil – but according to reports from the Future Laboratory, it’s fast becoming a ‘buzz acid’ in skincare. Its antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant powers make it effective in treating a host of skin conditions, including acne, eczema, psoriasis and rosacea. The products in new niche Australian skincare line Fulom are based entirely around this ingredient.”

Fulom Skincare’s complete line, including the Face & Body Cleanser, the Hydrating Lotion and the coveted Moisturizing Cream are all available on www.fulomskin.com. Don’t let the beauty bloggers be the only ones reaping the gentle anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant benefits of fulvic acid.