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If you or anyone you know might be a good candidate for Fulom’s Trial Program, please let us know here. We are always looking for candidates and it is an excellent way to both experience Fulom and to give back to those it could help.

A bit of background about my little guy, he had his eczema when he was 3 months old which really worried me because it was all over his face at first then eyes then towards his legs and arms. It was really bad that I had to take him to the hospital and they prescribed us hydrocortisone and another type of cream to be used all over his body. I really didn’t want to use hydrocortisone on him and tried my best to use it when it’s needed after reading the side effects. I just made sure to moisturize him whenever possible 3-4 times a day. This definitely helped and from then on, I tried switching to more organic or natural products since the cream the doctor gave us had parabens in them.

His before photos looked flared up because he scratches so much, even when he’s asleep and I must have tried so many products even organic ones and none of them showed any improvements. So seeing how Fulom made such a difference on his skin after a few weeks is impressive! His skin feels a lot softer too compare to before when it was just dried or coarse even after putting lotion on.









Donah / New Jersey, USA

For many years I had been trying to find a product that would help with my weathered hands and lower arms from the Australian sun and visiting doctors to get the sunspots burnt off.

I had many sunspots on the back of my hands and lower arms and started using the Fulom Dry Skin Moisturizing Cream and did my own trial where I used it on my left hand and lower arm for 16 days and did not apply any to my right hand and arm.

The results were incredible, my left hand and arm started clearing up the sun spots and today I do not have any spots there as well as my right hand & arm are also cleaning up and are looking like they should.glen whitton sun spots after using fulom skin care treatment

I apply the Fulom Dry Skin Moisturizing Cream every morning and night to my hands, arm, face and ears and I feel a lot better knowing that this product is protecting my skin as well as healing these sun spots.

I would recommend Fulom Dry Skin Moisturizing Cream to anyone who wants to look after their skin & health.

Many Thanks,
Glen Whitton / Warwick QLD

Halley’s photo of her progress after 4 weeks using Fulom’s Moisturizing Cream.


I have been suffering upper body rash every year in winter for quite a few years, which becomes very irritable and uncomfortable. I had tried quite a few recommended body washes and moisturizers but they proved disappointing and quite ineffectual until John Doyle advised the use of Fulom Products. I have now been using the Fulom Dry Skin Face and Body Cleanser for four months. The effect has been even more beneficial than you said it would be. In fact the results have been quite spectacular. Combined with the application of Fulom Dry Skin Moisturizing Cream and Hydrating Lotion I have achieved great results in controlling this irritable condition.

I can highly recommend these products as being superior to any other moisturizers and washes I have tried.

Yours sincerely,
Bill Owen / North Star NSW, Australia

My family have been using Fulom products for the past 3 years. I have three adult daughters and the girls and I love the Dry Skin Moisturizing Cream, using it as a face cream as well as a body moisturizer. We work outdoors, with our skin getting high exposure to wind and sun. Using Fulom night and morning is the perfect moisturizer.

We all use the Dry Skin Face & Body Cleanser and would not think of using anything else. The improvement in our skin has been amazing. It is also very kind to your shower, making cleaning a breeze. My husband and I both use the lotion on sun spots and any area needing a bit of extra repair.

We are delighted with all three Fulom products and would recommend their use to everyone.

Cathy Lester / Manypeaks WA, Australia

I had never used the Fulom cream and body rinse products myself until one winter when I developed a severe case of psoriasis of the skin. I tried everything off the shelf to relieve the itching that it caused, and nothing worked. Out of desperation, I decided to try the Fulom Hydrating Lotion, not expecting any better results. To my amazement, it worked and my psoriasis cleared up within three weeks. My wife and I both use it everyday now after showering, and when my supplies start getting low, I start ‘rationing’ it in fear I’ll run out. Great stuff!

Steve's Fulom Skin Care Testimonial photo

Steve Trew / Amarillo TEXAS USA



I don’t normally get excited about beauty products. However, I do like to share when I find something to get excited about.
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Rosacea became a part of my life a couple of years ago. I have struggled to find products that don’t make it worse (more red, more swelling). When I learned about this company, I made an inquiry. They really didn’t know how it would affect rosacea. So, I got trial sizes & decided to try it. Everything I read about it made me want to try it.
I missed the part where it said it was for dry skin. I have combination but mostly oily skin. So, when I realized that, I was a bit hesitant. But I tried it anyway and I’m so glad I did! The gel cleanser feels like a luxurious cream as it goes on. It smells really nice, too! The moisturizer does not feel greasy or oily at all. It does have a different texture than I am used to which is wonderful!
There was no reaction. No redness. No swelling. I never expect to see noticeable changes. (I wasn’t promised it would like most skin care companies do!)I know it’s a system that takes some time to really see results. With that being said, I was surprised to look in the mirror and see a difference! Wow! My skin looks younger! How can this be! So yeah, I will be ordering the full size!
One cool thing I learned is that the magic ingredient is actually from my town! The company is based out of San Antonio but @fulomskin gets their Fulvic Acid from a place here in Amarillo! Cool, huh? There are other Amarillo connections as well!
This is an awesome product – great for men & women and all skin types! I am all about self care & having products that keep me returning to them in my care routines with delight! This one fills that bill! Check them out!
This is not a promoted / paid post. I just love passing on info products I use & love! If they create a wonderful experience for me, I am happy to let my followers know!