We write about skincare routines quite a bit here: how you can build yours, what should be included, the importance of maintaining a healthy one. But we’ve yet to set forth an example of a routine that you can use. There’s something intimate and interesting about seeing another person’s skincare routine. It’s a little glimpse into their private life. It’s why skincare routine videos have blown up so much on Youtube. That little glimpse is special, it connects us and helps guide us when we need fresh ideas.

This is a glimpse into the personal skincare routine of one of our users, Kate:

Hi, I’m Kate and I’m a total skincare junkie. Thanks for inviting me to do this! When it comes to skincare and my appearance, I take every opportunity to try new things that might work for my skin. Sometimes the results are less than perfect, but I feel like I’ve whittled my skincare routine down to a handful of really great products that work well for my skin.

A Bit About My Skin

Despite growing out of my teen years a good while ago, acne and oily skin have stuck with me. I’ve struggled to keep my face blemish free for some time and I feel like I’ve struck a good balance with my current skincare routine. What I’m doing now has prevented acne breakouts and oil slicks without totally drying me out, like products with benzoyl peroxide tend to. I’m also, to my chagrin, getting a bit older and with that comes the looming fear of wrinkles. Finding a good equilibrium of moisture and matte seemed impossible, but with this routine, my skin is comfortable and, thus far, wrinkleless. (Knock on wood.)



I start each morning with a gigantic cup of tea and Fulom’s Face & Body Cleanser. It’s the perfectly gentle, foaming cleanser to, ironically, kick my butt into gear each morning and rid my face of the excess oil produced over night. The cleanser foams nicely, smells amazing and it leaves my skin moisturized with just the right amount of healthy, natural oil. The organic fulvic acid doesn’t mess with the protective acid mantle of my face or aggravate breakouts. Topical fulvic acid treatments have actually been used successfully to treat inflammatory acne. I also use the Fulom Face & Body Cleanser every evening after I remove my makeup. For me, cleansing twice a day keeps my skin clear of excess oil, but for those with drier skin, cleansing once a day may be enough.

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I’ve fallen prey to the never-ending quest for “the glow.” I’ve become a complete highlighter addict and I’m incorporating products into my skincare routine to try to achieve that “lit from within” look. After I cleanse in the morning, I swipe on a few drops of the Glossier Super Glow serum. The serum is full of vitamin C, which initial studies have shown can increase collagen production, so it’s anti-wrinkle. It also comes with a healthy dose of magnesium, which can improve skin hydration and reduce inflammation, which leaves my skin looking more plump and radiant. This is the part of my skincare routine I switch up the most. It seems to have the least influence on breakouts, which makes it fun to play with.



Yes, my oily skin does need a moisturizer. This is a lesson I learned the hard way, after years of my skin overproducing oil to make up for its lack of moisture. I’ve since come to my senses and started using Fulom’s Hydrating Lotion every day after my cleanser and serum. It’s a light enough moisturizer that it doesn’t feel heavy or greasy on my skin. It creates a comfortable, balanced feeling and may even prevent those dreaded wrinkles. A key ingredient is organic fulvic acid which is a potent antioxidant and makes it great for fighting off signs of aging. A study by Laub Biochemicals Corporation concluded that using fulvic acid to combat wrinkles and fine lines works and that participants showed a decrease in wrinkles and an increase in skin tightness and firmness, which is exactly what I’m looking for from my daily moisturizer. My makeup glides on smoothly and, with a little sunscreen, I’m good for the rest of the day.

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Makeup Remover

Removing makeup at the end of the day has become very important to me. I’ve experienced the repercussions of sleeping in my makeup and no matter how lazy I feel, it’s never worth it to skip this step. I like using Lush Ultrabland, a beeswax-based makeup remover, to wipe the day away. I spread the gentle emollient on my face, rubbing away my makeup, and use a soft, damp washcloth to wipe it off. This leaves my skin smooth and even removes stubborn waterproof mascara. If I’m feeling super lazy I’ll reach for the pack of Simple Micellar Makeup Remover Wipes I keep by my bed. They do a great job of removing most of my makeup and they’re so easy to use that there’s no excuse to go to bed with a full face on.

Night Oil


At the end of a long day, after removing my makeup and gently cleansing my skin again, it feels so nice to pat on a layer of Korres Black Pine Active Firming Sleeping Oil. This is a relatively new step in my skincare routine, but I’m happy to say it’s one that I’ve grown to love. Research conducted by Korres claims that after overnight use, participants felt the firmness of their skin replenished, improved texture and improvement in softness, smoothness and suppleness. When I wake up, my skin is soft, but not greasy, and any redness from old breakouts is subdued. Plus, it smells like earthy pine, a scent I love, but I know it might not be for everyone.

My skincare routine has worked well to balance the oiliness and quell my breakouts, but everyone’s skin is unique. Experiment for yourself and find the routine that works best for you and your skin. Fulom’s entire range of skincare products, including the Face & Body Cleanser and Hydrating Lotion in my routine, can be purchased at www.fulomskincare.com.