Everybody has skin. But it seems as though women are generally more interested in caring for it. Most  advertisements are aimed at women and, with the myriad options for products on the market, men might feel neglected when it comes to all of the cleansers, moisturizers, toners, serums, masks and more.

But, men’s skin care needs are just like any other. It even presents a few of its own challenges, like razor burn, stubble and jock itch (primarily found in men). The time has come to “man up,” as they say, and take care of the skin on your face and body. Once you understand the skin you’re working with and what it needs, those overwhelming options can become manageable and you can find exactly what you’re looking for.

Why Skincare Is Important


If you’ve spent your whole life washing your face with the same bar soap you use – ahem – everywhere else, it can be intimidating to switch cleansing habits midstream. But trust us. That soap that works just fine for your pits can be doing real damage to your face. Your skin needs to maintain a rather specific pH, and soaps that contain harsh detergents and cleansers can disrupt that, causing damage to the protective layer known as the acid mantle. This can lead to dry, flaky, even painful skin. Even if you think you’re using a product specially formulated for sensitive skin, it could be causing irritation. One study found that some products marketed for dry skin actually cause irritation and pH damage.

Since your skin can be an indicator of your overall health throughout your life, it’s important to treat it right. Be good to your skin and you could avoid dryness, wrinkles and other annoying and uncomfortable signs of aging.

Getting Started


What’s that quote about a journey of a thousand miles beginning with a single step? Skincare can seem a lot like that. But the journey isn’t so intense and that first step is easy to make. Men, though, seem to have a little trouble getting their skincare routine off the ground. Dermatologist Dr. Ranella Hirsch said in an article published by Dermatology Times that men can have some hesitation addressing their skincare concerns. But she’s seeing the number of male patients at her practice on the rise. She suggests that men who seek out skincare help can get the ball rolling with their dermatologist by simply starting a conversation.

If you decide to forgo the dermatologist and take control of your own skincare routine, make sure you’re ready to do a little research. Understand your skin and your specific concerns before diving in and buying a product. Are you looking for something to cure your acne woes? How about banish dry skin for good? Maybe you’re concerned with aging or hyperpigmentation. No matter what your skin needs, there’s a product out there to help. And it may be that all you’re looking to do is keep your skin healthy and strong. No matter what the case, K.I.S.S. Keep it simple, sir. Especially when it comes to jock itch and athlete’s foot, addressing the problem head on will result in much less pain than the insecurity of what-if’s that inevitably occur for an active man. 

Keeping It Simple


Dr. Hirsch also suggests in her Dermatology Times piece that men keep their skincare simple. A lot of products aimed at women can seem fussy and fragranced, which, in all fairness, some are. Don’t worry about the frills of feminine skincare products. Hirsch says to focus on a few simple products that you can use every day to keep your skin clean and conditioned. A gentle daily cleanser paired with a broad spectrum sunscreen should be all you need in the morning to wash away the night’s grease and prepare your skin to face the day. At night, the same cleanser in combination with a moisturizer suited to your needs is all it takes to get your skincare game in check.

Fulom’s Moisturizing Face & Body Cleanser is gentle enough to use twice a day without stripping your skin of its natural oils. It hydrates without feeling heavy and maintains skin’s natural pH, which means it won’t damage your acid mantle like harsher soaps. The Hydrating Lotion is ideal for evening use. It’s lightweight and contains organic fulvic acid, which can soothe troubled skin and prevent the appearance of aging. Used in conjunction, they are the most effective combination to combat jock itch, athlete’s foot and other issues primarily faced by men.