Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is a the broad term used to describe those dealing with adverse reactions to topicals and can be attributed to a host of factors.

Your Skin’s pH – Why It Matters


An often overlooked aspect of proper skin care is the pH of our skin care products. In fact, the skin’s pH level is so important to its normal functioning that even products formulated to repair or revitalize skin could be less effective in […]

How Does Sensitive Skin Fare With Fulvic Acid?

Those of us with sensitive skin know the hassle of finding reliable skincare products that meet our needs without aggravating our skin. The struggle is real and we’ve all been burned before. This can make people who suffer from sensitive skin a bit g […]

The Effects Of Harsh Soap On Skin

We’ve all been told that to keep your skin healthy, you need to keep it clean. But can cleansing your face ever do more harm than good? As it turns out, if you’re cleansing too often, too aggressively or using harsh soap, you could actually be damagi […]