Those of us with sensitive skin know the hassle of finding reliable skincare products that meet our needs without aggravating our skin. The struggle is real and we’ve all been burned before. This can make people who suffer from sensitive skin a bit gun-shy when it comes to trying new, innovative skincare ingredients.

Sticking with the familiar is safe and simple, but often this fear of the unknown – and what the unknown might do to a complexion finally under control – can mean missing out on some pretty great stuff. Like the organic fulvic acid in Fulom’s skincare range. In Western skincare, fulvic acid is new on the scene, which can be intimidating to sensitive skin sufferers. But don’t let its newness turn you off. Mother Nature must contend with similar issues to ensure healthy soil regardless of climate. Nature’s solution? Fulvic Acid. Countless microorganisms in the soil act as tiny purifiers, ingesting raw elements and spitting out nutrients that plants can use. The net result of this interaction is an incredibly complex, efficient factory floor of creation and destruction, all working in tune to the energies of life. Utilizing Fulvic Acid as it’s primary ingredient, Fulom products clean without aggravation, moisturize without feeling greasy and our Face and Body Cleanser is the gentle makeup remover you’ve been searching for. 



When it comes right down to it, a lot of the issues associated with sensitive skin can be attributed to inflammation. Nix whatever is getting your skin all hot and bothered and you can kiss inflammation goodbye. Fulvic acid has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties. In a study done on rats published in Drug Development Research, carbohydrate-derived fulvic acid treatments were deemed safe, effective anti-inflammatory compounds and even showed wound-healing properties.

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No one wants to deal with skin sensitivity, and it can feel like skin suffering from eczema is the most sensitive of all. You can trust fulvic acid not to kick up new patches of dry, itchy, irritated skin and not to aggravate existing ones. Using products containing fulvic acid can actually help to heal and prevent eczema flare ups. A study published in Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology tested the efficacy of topical, carbohydrate-derived fulvic acid ointments on patients with eczema. Participants showed a significant improvement in their eczema, with the fulvic acid group faring far better than the group receiving a placebo.

pH Balance


Your skin is a pretty complicated organ. In order to function at its best, it has to maintain a very specific pH balance of about 5.5. The tricky part to keeping skin balanced and happy is in choosing which products to use that won’t upset the delicate equilibrium. Some ingredients can damage skin’s protective acid mantle leading to an upset in the pH balance. Because fulvic acid is, well, an acid, it won’t mess with the acid mantle. It’s actually alkaline soaps that raise that pH and wreak havoc on skin. In a study published in Dermatology, the pH balance of the skin of infants was most disrupted after using alkaline soaps. This disturbance can lead to a change in healthy bacterial and enzyme activity and subsequent dry, flaky skin.


Everyone has dealt with mild acne at least once in their lives. And, even though it seems to be a universal experience, acne can be at the very least embarrassing and at its worst incredibly painful. Fulvic acid can help ease acne symptoms and prevent future breakouts. Disturbances in that delicate acid mantle can lead to inflammatory acne, too. Soaps and lotions that play havoc with the acid mantle can damage skin’s natural antimicrobial defenses, leaving the door wide open for acne to set up shop. Sticking to a cleanser that resembles skin’s natural pH, like those with fulvic acid, can help prevent and treat acne, as well as help your skin recover from pH imbalances, according to a study published in Skin Pharmacology and Physiology.

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Dry Skin


Dry skin is where fulvic acid really shines. The beneficial effects that fulvic acid products have on eczema and the pH-preserving effects it has on skin with acne all combine to make it a perfect ingredient for those suffering from mild dryness to extreme psoriasis. Humic substances, like fulvic acid and humic acid, are anti-inflammatory and mildly astringent, which makes them useful in the treatment of skin conditions like atopic dermatitis and psoriasis, according to an article in the Journal of Cutaneous and Aesthetic Surgery. Patients suffering from these skin conditions reported rapid relief from itch, inflammation and pustule formation when using humic substances. Treatments containing humic substances can be specially designed to be used on the body, scalp, hands and feet or even in the bath.

Fulom’s entire skin care range includes the sensitive skin savior fulvic acid. Proven in blind studies, Fulom’s Face and Body Wash is the most effective OTC itch cream available and is well tolerated for everything from mosquito bites to jock itch. Our Face and Body Cleanser doubles as a gentle makeup remover and is designed for sensitive skin. Itt does the heavy lifting without causing irritation or inflammation, making makeup removal as easy as washing your face!