Fulom skin care cleansers with Fulvic Acid help to clean the face and skin of dirt and unwanted oils while providing moisture treatment for eczema and psoriasis on the skin and face.

Our Moisturizing Face and Body Cleanser is gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin, yet powerful enough to remove makeup, paint and other debris to leave your skin fresh, clean, hydrated and ready to receive the nourishment from a cream or lotion.

The layer of skin that is visible is actually comprised of dead skin cells! We lose so many skin cells in every day that the dust in our home, for the most part, is actually dead skin that we’ve sloughed off!

Removal of these dead skin cells on a daily basis is absolutely vital to maintaining a healthy, vibrant complexion. Think of it like aerating the soil; we must remove the outer layer in order to prepare the soil for fertilizer. Our skin is much the same!