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Anti aging skin care for the face takes up a huge portion of the cosmetics industry. A quick search will reveal all manner of hydrating skin lotions, facial creams, body cleansers and serums that promise the fountain of youth. This array of products gives you the opportunity to age gracefully by preventing and in some cases, repairing and reversing damaged skin.

The catch is that some of the “best” skin care products do not really address the needs of your skin, making it a waste of your time and money. If you want to find one of the best anti aging skin care products that delivers, you need to cut through the marketing hype and understand the possible causes of skin aging so you can take steps to prevent skin damage. If there’s anything you need to know about skin care, it’s the adage that prevention is much better than cure.
Prevention is a particularly important practice and it’s never too early to start. It’s also never too late to begin applying the principles, especially if you’re battling dull skin, fine lines, wrinkles, adult acne and brown spots. When the skin’s moisture barrier is brought back to optimum health, it’s less prone to damage. This brings two questions to mind. If a healthy skin barrier is the key to youthful, glowing skin, how can it be achieved? The next question is, if your skin is already damaged, how can further damage be arrested? The great news is that these two questions can more or less be handled the same way.

How Can I Slow Skin Aging?

Wear sunscreen. If it’s good enough for Baz Luhrmann, it’s good enough for us. Harmful UVA and UVB radiation can throw all your anti aging strategies out the window. Sun damaged skin has a larger amount of free radicals which lead to premature aging.
Consistent and regular application of sunscreen is the number one anti aging tip. Use great hydrating, non greasy moisturizers like Fulom Hydrating Lotion or Fulom Moisturizing Cream as bases for your sunscreen. An added benefit of the Fulom range is that the main active ingredient, Fulvic Acid, is proven to penetrate the skin and reduce free radicals. This will boost your body’s defenses against free radical damage by putting nature’s most potent anti-oxidant to work underneath your outer layer of sun protection!

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This photo was taken with an ultraviolet camera and shows how the sun sees your skin with sunscreen applied.

Exfoliate! Incorporating regular exfoliation into your skin care routine will get rid of any (gunk) build up of dead skin cells that result in dull, irritatedskin that is prone to break outs. Exfoliation also makes it easier for any beneficial active ingredients such as fulvic acid to penetrate your skin.
When it comes to exfoliating, physical exfoliation i.e. using scrubs can irritate already damaged skin. You are much better off using leave-on chemical exfoliants such as AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) like lactic, glycolic, mandelic acid or BHAs (Beta Hydroxy Acids) like salicylic acid.

Use antioxidant skin care. Antioxidants are exceptional ingredients in skin care. They are the closest to the fountain of youth you can get and the sooner you incorporate them into your skin care routine, the better.
Available in abundance, some antioxidants are fulvic acid, vitamin E, retinol, vitamin C, resveratrol and niacinamide. A cocktail of antioxidants inhibits the damage caused by free radicals by reducing inflammation, increasing collagen production and elasticity, improving cell function and creating healthier skin.

Diet, diet, diet! What we put into our bodies is of paramount importance to our overall health. We’ve shared some articles on our Facebook Page that discuss the link that scientists are finding between our gut and our overall health. Their results are astonishing!
Anti-oxidants are important inside the body and out when we talk about prevention and whole-body health. A diet rich in fruits and veggies is, as we all know, very important to our well-being. But scientists are discovering that the bacteria in our gut play a monumental role in our health, even our mental health. This idea, that bacteria play a role in our health, is not new to Fulom. In fact, Fulvic Acid derives is potency as a holistic ingredient due to the interaction of billions of tiny organisms with the soil over millenia. As science catches up with nature’s mysteries, we expect more and more to be revealed about the mysteries of Fulvic Acid.

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If you pay attention to these simple skin care tips, you will be able to address your skin care needs and maintain healthy skin whatever your skin type or age. Remember, the key to maintaining youthful skin lies in taking small measures every day.
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