The best type of dry skin is the dry skin that never happens. It’s so much easier to prevent dry, flaky skin than it is to heal it when it rears its ugly head. Fulom Skincare, designed with moisturizing organic fulvic acid, can be an excellent step, not only in healing dry skin when it happens, but to prevent it from happening in the first place. A good skincare routine, coupled with some simple skin saving tips, can stop dry skin in its tracks, letting you focus on something other than itching, scratching and flaking. Follow this effortless advice and get out in front of your dry skin.

Keep Your Showers Quick

quick showers are better for skin

Sure it feels great to stand under a hot shower, letting the water splash off your back and take your worries with it down the drain. But that long, hot shower could cause you more grief than it’s worth. A study by Northwestern University’s Medical School recommends laying off the lengthy showers and reducing the frequency of bathing, showering and cleansing skin. The article recommends keeping showers cool and getting out as soon as possible. This way, water and cleansers have less time to wick moisture from your skin.

Stick With A Gentle Cleanser

Harsh cleansers can sap moisture from skin and lead to dry flakes and redness. Harsh surfactants found in some soaps can damage skin’s natural proteins and lipids, resulting in irritation, itching, tightness, dryness and damage to the skin’s protective barrier, according to a study published in Dermatologic Therapy. The temptation to scrub at patches of dry skin will only do more harm than good. Instead of waging war against emerging dry skin, skip it altogether by swapping your harsh, dryness-causing soap for something more gentle, like Fulom’s Face & Body Cleanser. It doesn’t contain harsh cleansing agents and it’s full of organic fulvic acid to gently moisturize skin.

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Invest In A Humidifier

use a humidifier for better skin care

Humidifiers aren’t just for infants. Putting a little humidity back into your home can help prevent dry skin from developing, especially with winter just around the corner. Harvard Medical School recommends cranking your humidifier up to about 60 percent to replenish moisture lost in the dry winter air. Heated humidification can benefit your skin and reduce upper respiratory dryness as well.

Moisturize Before You Feel Dry

You don’t wait until your engine seizes before you change your oil, right? Don’t wait until your skin feels dry to moisturize it. Get into the habit of using a daily moisturizer to stay on top of dry skin before it happens. Fulom’s Hydrating Lotion is a lightweight moisturizer perfect for daily use. The organic fulvic acid in Fulom’s formula can battle dry skin before, during and after it shows its face. Fulvic acid every day could keep dry skin at bay. For areas where dry skin does appear, use Fulom’s thicker, richer Moisturizing Cream to bat it back into submission. Carbohydrate derived fulvic acid applied as a topical treatment significantly improved the visual symptoms of eczema in participants, according to a study in Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology. It decreased the overall severity and skin redness in patients suffering with eczema.

Drink Up!

drink water to beat dry skin

You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again: the best way to beat dry skin before it happens is to keep yourself hydrated. Just like with applying moisturizer, don’t wait until your throat feels parched to drink up. Thirst isn’t always the best indicator of exactly how much water you need, according to a study in Nutrition Reviews. Keep a water bottle with you and drink regularly throughout the day to stay hydrated. And ditch the notion that eight glasses per day is sufficient. New research published in Nutrition Reviews says that healthy adult men should guzzle 3.7 liters (15+ cups) of water every day and their healthy female counterparts need about 2.7 liters (11+ cups) daily.

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