Fulvic Acid

Humic substances are group of organic compounds formed by the association of high-molecular-mass substances from microbiological, vegetative and animal origin. They are created when plant matter breaks down under the perfect conditions in much the same way as diamonds are formed.  Fulvic acid shows anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties, making it ideal for combating all sorts of skin conditions.

Fulvic Acid On Land And At Sea

Fulvic acid is the knockout ingredient in Fulom’s skincare product line. It’s a powerful anti-microbial and a super-powered […]

Look Younger with Fulvic Acid Skin Treatments

Look Younger with Fulvic Acid Skin Treatments

Anti aging skin care for the face takes up a huge portion of the cosmetics industry. A quick search will reveal all manner of hydrating skin lotions, facial creams, body cleansers and serums tha […]