Fulom Skin Care Fulvic Acid FAQ


As an anti-inflammatory soothing agent, Fulom Moisturizing Cream and Hydrating Lotion both kill itch on the spot. We are confident that Fulom Skin Care provides the most effective anti-itch products on the market. If you get an itch that we can’t fix, send us the bottle and we’ll refund your money.

Absolutely! In fact, Fulvic Acid is Mother Nature’s own fountain of youth, with the ability to energize dead cells. The versatility of the molecule is immense, inimitable and is a veritable life-giver. Women in Australia who use Fulom religiously don’t want to tell their friends what their secret weapon is. Spas and estheticians use it as the secret sauce in their facials and masques. Within 2 weeks you will notice a difference. We guarantee it.

Hydrating Lotion: Can be used at any time of day as needed. Apply before sunblock and makeup. For first application, squeeze approximately a dime-quarter size onto hand before rubbing in to test your skin’s absorption rate. It doesn’t require much. Keep away from eyes.

Moisturizing Cream: Used most effectively as a foundation after bathing/washing and prior to application of other products, such as sunblock. Using one finger, dab a small amount from jar onto the skin and apply in circular motion. Very little is required to be effective and take care not to apply too much, as you will experience a plateau. When applying on face, take care not to stretch or rub vigorously. Keep away from eyes.

Face and Body Cleanser: Can be used in the shower, at the sink or on the go without water. When used with water, apply products with a small amount of water to reduce surface tension. The Cleanser is most effective when allowed to rest on the skin for approximately 30s to 2 min (based on skin condition) before removal with water. For makeup removal, apply cleanser with a small amount of water in circular motions, taking care not to stretch or pull the skin, and rinse with lukewarm water. For dry application, apply product and remove with a damp cloth.

Our Hydrating Lotion is designed to serve as a general purpose hydrating agent used throughout the day to moisturize the skin. The Moisturizing Cream has a higher concentration of Fulvic Acid and is most prudently used on the face after bathing and as a spot treatment for breakouts or areas of concern.

Fulom Skin Care products are extremely versatile and suitable for all skin types due to the nature of Fulvic Acid.The Humic Substances were designed by nature to solve the problem of converting inorganic nutrients and minerals into bio-available products usable by plants. Thus, the mechanisms of action and reaction were required to be effective in any environment, from the top of the highest mountain to the lowest bed of the seafloor. This is accomplished by sheer versatility. The Fulvic Acid molecules respond to the needs of the surrounding cells and provide whatever is required to reach homeostasis. The same principles apply with Fulvic Acid’s interaction with our skin cells.

Absolutely! Fulvic Acid has numerous properties that make it an ideal general use product to combat acne from a holistic approach. As an anti-bacterial, Fulom ensures that the skin is clear of harmful pathogens that could aggravate pores. Potent anti-inflammatory properties reduce redness and swelling associated with inflamed pores caused by acne. The gentle pH balanced formulation removes excess oils while preserving the beneficial oils necessary for healthy skin functioning.

Use of our gentle Hydrating Face and Body Cleanser prevents the most common mistake made by those with acne, which is over drying of the skin. These aspects, combined with an educated routine, make Fulom Skin Care products extremely effective at reducing acne flare-ups and addresses the long term effects of pockmarked skin.

You will look better, feel better and you will simply know if Fulom Skin Care was made for you.

Itch will be eliminated immediately. Bacteria are neutralized upon contact. Anti-inflammatory effects are generally noticeable within 5 minutes.

When referring to the more serious skin conditions, there are many variables that make this question impossible to answer with generalizations. Most individuals with psoriasis and eczema will show a noticeable response within 1 week of daily application with one of our hydrating products along with the cleanser. If, after 4 weeks of continuous use there is no improvement, then unfortunately you might not respond.

Fulom Skin Care is a very small company with limited resources. However, Fulom’s creator, Dr. John Doyle, DVM, has been giving out Fulom to family, friends and strangers around the world for over 6 years without any significant health concerns. As with any topical product, there are rare and isolated cases of a negative response in trials. These are confined to the Face and Body Cleanser, which contains a subtle citrus fragrance that some don’t respond well to. We are working to address this in R&D and future production cycles will eliminate this particular concern.

Every person has an infinite number of variables that contribute to skin conditions, so not all individuals will respond to Fulom in the same manner. What works for one might not work for the next. Ayurvedic and Chinese texts have referenced the efficacy of Fulvic Acid for skin conditions for over 1000 years, but this research has not worked it’s way into Western medicine.

However, as the public and professional sectors discover more about Fulvic Acid, evidence is mounting both within the scientific community and through our own observations over the years that the answer is a resounding YES!

No (except for itch). Fulom Skin Care products are cosmetics that possess unique healing properties over a broad range of skin care issues. Rather than adding to the system, Fulvic Acid ensures that what we have is operating at it’s very best. Fulom can certainly improve the symptoms of a great deal of skin care problems, but we do not claim to be a cure for anything.

For the same reasons you brush your teeth even when you don’t have a cavity. Fulvic Acid promotes homeostasis at the cellular level by transporting nutrients, neutralizing free radicals, destroying bacteria and creating a stable environment for cells to operate at maximum efficiency. This greatly reduces the load on our immune system, ensuring that our body operates as nature intended.

Fulvic Acid is Mother Nature’s perfect promoter of cellular balance. The mechanisms which make Fulvic Acid vital to organic life were supplied through our diet, which consisted primarily of plant-based foods. The societal shift towards meat, coupled with the use of synthetic fertilizers in agriculture, have deprived our bodies of these essential building blocks, many of which cannot be created inside the body. This places undue stress of the body, including inflammation, mitochondrial decay and cellular damage that occurs as a result of our body working overtime to maintain homeostasis.

Yes, although there was one time when the dog ate through a box of products. She experienced no negative consequences except for time out.

Yes, although it is always good practice with any topical to spot treat before broad application.

Fulom Skin Care products are Glycerin-based.

In the strictest sense of the term, no. There are synthetic ingredients in our products and they are proven to be safe and well tolerated.

Fulom Skin Care products are not designated organic. However, the Fulvic Acid used in our products is Certified Organic and Kosher.

Humic substances, of which Fulvic Acid is a lower molecular sized component, are found everywhere in nature. They arise from the chemical and biological degradation of plant and animals over time. They are found in soils, sediments, coals, fresh and salt waters, and other natural materials. There are a few places on earth where the molecular “ingredients” for Fulvic and Humic occur in such abundance and under the right conditions that extraction and concentration of these substances is possible.

Fulvic Acid is a natural biologic compound formed from the interactions between countless microorganisms in the soil with the surrounding environment over millenia. These organisms consume surrounding inorganic and organic matter, excreting a cocktail of of minerals and nutrients in bioavailable form (usable by plants). Plants then suck up these by-products for sustenance. Over time and under the right conditions in a few places around the globe, enough of the Fulvic Acids were present to be extracted using modern day practices and concentrated for human and industrial use.

The composition of Fulvic Acids vary widely based on the inputs from the time of the dinosaurs. These compounds contain over 77 trace minerals and elements that are absolutely vital for the healthy functioning of cells. As organic life is born and dies, this process continues in a never ending cycle of life. It is Fulvic and Humic Acids primary place in this cycle that makes it the “Granddaddy of Acids”. They represent both the Alpha and Omega in the circle of life.

Fulvic Acids are extraordinarily complex and there is no standard definition. Known in ancient folk medicine as a miracle maker, Fulvic Acid has taken many names through the ages. But one thing is undisputable; they are, without a doubt, extraordinarily beneficial to organic life.

The mechanisms which lead to the formation of Fulvic Acid are little known and very little understood. It is an enigma that cannot be replicated in a lab, thus rendering large-scale studies financially inexpedient. The vast range of applications and conditions Fulvic Acid can be used for makes it an extremely difficult ingredient to bring to the consumer market, but it has been used as an organic industrial fertilizer for many years.