It’s the battle of the Fulom fulvic acid moisturizers. In corner one, weighing in at a hefty 8 oz., is Fulom’s Hydrating Lotion. His opponent may seem like a lightweight, coming in at 1.7 oz., but he’s ready to pack a mean, moisturizing punch. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s Fulom’s Moisturizing Cream. Both are chock full of moisturizing fulvic acid and both are great additions to any skincare routine. But which product is the winner for your skin? How do you choose which fulvic acid fighter to put your money on?

Understanding the differences between Fulom’s two most moisturizing products and the role the ingredients play in each can help you decide where the Hydrating Lotion and Moisturizing Cream fit best into your individual skincare routine. A title match between these two dry skin prizefighters is as close as Ali vs. Frazier. Both are champions and thankfully, there’s room for both in the skincare hall of fame.

Round 1: Fulvic Acid


Fulvic acid lends its heavyweight support to both the Hydrating Lotion and the Moisturizing Cream. This potent antioxidant packs a serious punch when it comes to preventing fine lines, sagging skin and other signs of aging. According to a study conducted by the Laub Biochemicals Corporation, skin treated with several different methods of fulvic acid application all had the same anti-aging results. Researchers observed a decrease in wrinkles and an increase in skin’s tightness and firmness after treatment.

Fulvic acid is also a perfect pugilist when it comes up against difficult to treat skin conditions. It’s antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties make it great for combating the symptoms of afflictions like contact dermatitis, psoriasis, inflammatory acne, and even eczema. In a study from Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology, participants who were treated with a carbohydrate-derived fulvic acid topical treatment showed a significant improvement in the visible symptoms of their eczema. Compared to a placebo group, treatment with the fulvic acid ointment decreased the overall severity of redness of the skin in eczema patients.

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Round 2: The Supporting Cornermen


Every fighter needs a good cornerman to back him up and when it comes to support, and this is where Fulom’s Moisturizing Cream comes out on top. The Moisturizing Cream is richer and thicker than the simpler Hydrating Lotion, in part because of its supporting players. Ricinus Communis, or castor seed oil, brings some extra emollient and moisturizing power to the table. It’s been known to knock out dry, rough skin and even detoxify.

Rhus Succedanea Fruit Wax comes straight from the berries of an Asian sumac plant to the Moisturizing Cream. The plant wax is similar to beeswax and it gives the cream a thick, rich, creamy texture and keeps the ingredients from separating.

The Hydrating Lotion is a much lighter moisturizer, so it doesn’t need the extra backup provided by castor seed oil and the fruit wax. It leaves the rough and tumble fulvic acid to fight on its own, and the champ doesn’t disappoint.

Round 3: Duke Of Dry Skin


The Hydrating Lotion and the Moisturizing Cream both have the ingredients to duke it out against dry skin, so the match comes down to which Fulom moisturizer works best against different dermatological adversaries. This is when the Hydrating Lotion can “float like a butterfly” while the Moisturizing Cream can “sting like a bee.”

Fulom Hydrating Lotion is a perfect moisturizer for daily use. It’s simple, lightweight and gentle enough to be used every day. With winter looming like a bitter cold boxer, a solid daily moisturizer can make sure your skin stays supple throughout the season. A study in Dermatology stated that skin doesn’t perform as well in the winter months as a result of mild inflammation. After applying a moisturizer twice a day to one half of the face of participants for six weeks, researchers saw an improvement in “mild subclinical inflammation that is induced on the facial skin by the winter environment.” For daily moisturizing, the Hydrating Lotion can not be outclassed.

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The Moisturizing Cream is a perfect second to the Hydrating Lotion, providing a heavy blow to severe or stubbornly dry skin. Its gentle ingredients don’t need the help of an additional delivery system to work its way into your skin. Free of helpers like microencapsulation, esterification or liposomal delivery systems, moisturizing fulvic acid can still penetrate the skin quickly and efficiently, according to a study published in Drug Development Research.

Round 4: You Skincare TKO

So which Fulom moisturizer has won the match for your individual skincare routine? Will the lightweight daily Hydrating Lotion take the prize? Or the rich, powerful Moisturizing Cream?  It’s thick formula absorbs swiftly and with the Hydrating Lotion delivers a one-two punch to dry skin. A tag team effort from both products could give your dry skin a TKO. Use the lotion daily after cleansing and before bed and the cream on skin in need of some extra attention. Both moisturizers plus the Face & Body Cleanser are available at