Hydrating Lotion: Can be used at any time of day as needed. Apply before sunblock and makeup. For first application, squeeze approximately a dime-quarter size onto hand before rubbing in to test your skin’s absorption rate. It doesn’t require much. Keep away from eyes.

Moisturizing Cream: Used most effectively as a foundation after bathing/washing and prior to application of other products, such as sunblock. Using one finger, dab a small amount from jar onto the skin and apply in circular motion. Very little is required to be effective and take care not to apply too much, as you will experience a plateau. When applying on face, take care not to stretch or rub vigorously. Keep away from eyes.

Face and Body Cleanser: Can be used in the shower, at the sink or on the go without water. When used with water, apply products with a small amount of water to reduce surface tension. The Cleanser is most effective when allowed to rest on the skin for approximately 30s to 2 min (based on skin condition) before removal with water. For makeup removal, apply cleanser with a small amount of water in circular motions, taking care not to stretch or pull the skin, and rinse with lukewarm water. For dry application, apply product and remove with a damp cloth.