2My name is Abbey Nash and I have been using Fulom skin care products for two months and I have seen great results!

I somehow developed a reaction to maybe the soap or some skin product I was using (Not sure which) on the back of my arms and there were many small bumps and the back of both arms were very red and dry looking.

After noticing this trend of more bumps appearing I probably should have started some sort of lotion or something to prevent things from getting worse early on but I ended up putting it off to the side and it built up over the course of time it got to the point where I was self conscious about everything and decided I needed to somehow undo what had been done. I tried several different lotions, oils, etc. and nothing truly worked- just seemed to mask the problem and when I saw JT post about this new skin care product I asked to try it but I honestly didn’t know what to expect because I had been let down so many times before.










But luckily I have been very pleasantly surprised! My arms have smoothed out and redness had greatly decreased! Many of the bumps are gone- Even though my arms are not fully cleared I believe they will be as I continue to use this wonderful product and I have very much enjoyed the results I am seeing!I am very thankful about finding something that is helping the actual issue and believe this to be the product I needed to finally be on the road to my skin looking the way it used to!fulom-skin-care-eczema-otc-cream







JT has even been gracious enough to explain certain things to me as to what the product actually does and I have been very pleased with this entire experience!

I am mainly excited about what I will be able to see in the mirror when all is said and done and until then I am so thankful for a product that has finally allowed me to see results! It has truly been relief!

Abbey Nash

Allen, TX